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Photographs like paintings?

Found an interesting article on BBC Culture this morning where they suggest that a photograph is so stunning … that it looks like a painting. Didn’t it used to be the other way around where a painting was so bloody good because it looked like … a photograph? So why the shift and is it…

Game of Thrones

We watched season VII episodes III and IV last night ~ wow! it was curious to see Canada, BC and Quebec in the credits for episode 4 … Stumbled across writer Sarah Larson (The New Yorker) in searches this morning and really like the way she writes her summaries. Here’s an example. Lastly, George Martin’s…

Psycholinguistic trait prediction

Psycholinguistic trait prediction Write or paste some text in the box below to obtain a prediction. There is no minimum word count, but at least 200 words is preferable. Please also tag the source of the text you are submitting using the selection box provided below. The first coffee is always in the dark, the…


I love how things look different when the sun peeks around the corner. It’s in these moments that I often see things that I hadn’t appreciated before. This morning’s offering is just that: the sun peeking from behind the barn roof as if to see if the llamas are awake yet.

LOL Took a family pic this morning for a couple of reasons: one, to give Louis an update on our baby-sitting of his extended family and two, to demonstrate that our couch isn’t big enough. . Did not expect to see THIS though. This photo should totally be used in one of those “Solve The Murder Mystery” games where a single image has a wealth of forensic evidence – enough to establish motive, intent and guilt!! . If the crazy ceiling doesn’t scream EVIDENCE, then the scribble notes on the wall, the weights on the carpet, the drippy candle thingies, the fire extinguisher, hand cream or easy bake oven surely must!

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