As a photographer and artist, these are my tenets and this website contains my photo diaries containing more than 12,000 images and examples of my craft.

ART – gives us reason to pause during our daily routine and enjoy a moment we can call our own. Notably, each of us has our own relationship with ART and whether it is a momentary affair or a long-standing love, we cannot be judged for that relationship. There is profound beauty in that union.

LIFE – is worth living. Messages we see and hear from all corners in our daily grind point to the same fundamental truth: LIVE! GO! Live your life! In that living, memories are created as events take place daily both at work and at play, with family, colleagues, friends and pets. It is easier to LIVE the moment to the fullest and let someone else help record the memories so that long after the event has come to a close, there will be cherished moments to linger on the soul’s palate. I would like to be that person.

YOU – are beautiful. Let’s think outside the box and create a portrait which will truly make you smile. Outside the box might mean: YOU at your own home, or YOU outside your own home, or YOU at work, or YOU riding a horse, or YOU writing poetry. The key to it will always be YOU being YOU. From there, we have so many options it’ll make your head spin.