On This Day

April 29th


Morning dew.
Seriously? You had to walk through a bloody FOREST of tasty trees to retrieve that? You – YOU – are wearing out your welcome :-/
Still love stumbling across mentions of the book 🙂


Signs of spring.
Friday Haiku


This house is crazy … NOT just another Wednesday night ~ we’re going to miss you!!
2 more of 10
2 more of 10
2 more of 10
2 of 10
Garden Break Out
Our one tulip…
Thank you Anita!
Paper, Scissors, Frog, Snake ~ snake wins!


Working late 🙂
New brewery coming soon


Interested in popcorn


Lights! Camera! Action! And Suzie: lick like crazy!
Our kitchen debut!!
Yikes! That’s a lot of doggy medication.
Our poor little patient in her cone
I like this one and this one and this one and…
Survivor Party In The Wee Hours
Play on!
A gift of poetry
A couple speeches and more nibbles


The royal crowd
The Royal Couple
The fountain is a joy. It’s a giant ring of water on a hill. So it flows down in both directions and at various speeds and over various bumps and grooves in the granite of the basin. Children seem to be free spirits here. And in that spirit, I hope you enjoy a few free spirits here :]
A crystal encrusted Mini? I’d love one!! We saw this while hunting for the last elements of our attire for tonight’s “Secret Cinema” [google it] A white scarf, black “braces” and a checkered bow tie. Check.
They will come. They will draw. Why not make it legal? I love it! And the whole tunnel has clearly received much attention.
Please greet the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge.
The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. A quiet sanctuary in the middle of Hyde Park.
The new couple at the palace!
Fly past #2


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