On This Day

August 17th


Haiku #59
View from the bridge 🙂
Jurassic sunrise.
Layers of Legacy – The Pontiac Journal
The bidding has begun.


After the rains…
Time for coffee kids? Let’s head in.


The huntress is in her office
Good morning! There is no #UglySunrise
L.O.V.E. As long as we go together, we can go anywhere.


20+ years later…Hello Roxy!!
Mer Bleue Stroll Frog
Lunch at the works


Family Dinner
Skewers By The River ~ study for a masterpiece
Cottage life is exhausting!
The iPhone surprises sometimes – ribbit ribbit
Bring on the platter ~ roughing it
Liking this whole cottage thing
Claudette Spence
It’s about 100 yards? Honey, get my pitching wedge please


A pajama kind of day 🙂


The New-Look Fireplace
And the signature piece – the fireplace! Still grouting left to do… * photo scraped from James Cook
And here now the room with furniture in it. There are still small things to do…but baby steps 🙂 * photo scraped from James Cook
A view back to the brick – turned out kinda nice * photo scraped from James Cook
…and this was where today ended :] it’s starting to come together…tomorrow…perhaps a pic of a fireplace and mantle…
Well…here we are!! 3 1/2 weeks later we are at the end :]
Welcome to the Nolan Cauchon room :] My first REAL foray into design :)))
BAGSTER helped by claiming their 3 bags — WATCH OUT FOR THE BIKE!
And with a little help from an electrician and the Electrical Safety Authority, we had a plan to outfit the room with some new and much more well-placed switches, plugs and lights.
Renovations aren’t always glamorous, but they CAN be fun! Little tasks today: cleaning, mudding, nail-pulling, staple-pulling, sanding, painting. Additionally: laughing, eating, coffee-ing, shopping and Harry Pottering.
Well…here we are on day 16 of the reno. Ready to paint! James: over to you :]
Pre-7:30 start coffee. Painting tonight…? Fingers crossed!


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