Hi, I’m Glen


My name is Glen, and I love taking pictures of pretty much anything, it would seem, from nature to people, landscape to bugs, the moon to the sun, colourful to grey, pretty things and not so pretty things and everything in between.Everywhere I look, there is art. It’s a matter of framing it, perhaps, creating a mood by what else is in the photograph, adjusting the mood by what’s in focus and what isn’t; it’s all memorable. Well, maybe not all, but there is a fair amount that I do find memorable!

That’s what I do: I try to find the beauty and the art everywhere. From things I see through cell phones, throw away cameras, point and shoots, as well as “big boy” cameras, there is much in life to be appreciated.

This little place on the web allows me to offer you a little piece of what I see – if you’d like to. You can either simply browse and come back to old photos you like, or choose to have one of them printed or framed or made into greeting cards or whatever. All here.

If you’d like me to take some pics for you, please do drop me a line.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy your visit.

Chantal ~ Gatineau, Quebec


Glen’s comprehensive technical knowledge of photography is only one element that makes him a great photographer. His technical talent can be evidenced in his portfolio. You will enjoy the artful composition of his pictures.

Glen possesses this extraordinary ability to see and capture moments that make events memorable. His art accents moods and emotions. His curious, creative and compassionate eye sees beauty is all its forms.

His openness, the way he approaches people and his humanity are possibly his greatest gifts. The rapport he builds with people makes his camera simply disappear inviting genuine smiles.

Glen’s photographs will form part of your most precious possessions!


Brett ~ Embrun, Ontario

Glen was kind enough to participate in our wedding and took hundreds of amazing pictures through the day and into the evening. As we were so involved, some of the pictures are of happenings we did not get to witness, which makes the pictures all that much more special and precious.  Thank you Glen!

Shelley ~ Aylmer, Quebec


Where to start…

I could speak of Glen’s photography skills, which are of course impressive: the clarity, the manipulation of light, the conveyance of mood to bring forth great contemplation and the ability to capture the beauty if a simple moment, all part of his repertoire. This, all enhanced by his very special way of adding a dose of his creative twist, a bit of humour or irony that brings the images to life, makes them feel “real”. But for me, the amazing thing that glen brings to the art of photography is his ability to know his subjects intimately enough to be able to bring out the truth behind his photos. I have often marveled at how he can meet a group of people and somehow capture the feelings and stories behind a gathering in his images. This unique ability to become personally in tune with his subjects is what I think takes glen beyond a masterful manipulator of a camera and into the realm of true artist.


Paul ~ San Francisco, California

I’m always shocked at the unique perspective that Glen finds in ordinary situations. When he has his camera out at a party or while just riding about town, he finds a different way to see the world than the rest of us. I always enjoy finding additional perspective on events I’ve experienced with him by viewing his photos. There’s always something I didn’t see… a subtle nuance that I missed is always found in his photographs!

Steve – St. John’s, NFLD


One thing that’s immediately evident when spending time with Glen…his passion. It comes through in his photography. Glen’s photos will leave you with an impression and, most importantly, a piece of himself.


Liz – Orleans, Ontario

Glen’s beautiful photography captured my son in moments of tenderness, warmth, and joy. Patience and creativity were Glen’s best assets during our photo shoot with my autistic five year old. Only a true professional would take the time as Glen did to wait for a crying fit to subside and then cheerfully snap away. From start to finish, my experience with Glen was wonderful. He is an excellent photographer with an artistic eye. Glen’s warm personality made the whole photo shoot experience relaxed and fun. Thank you for capturing a special memory of my child that I will have for a lifetime.

Nat and Dan ~ Ottawa, Ontario

nat and dan-S

I always love looking at Glen’s pictures. He takes amazing photographs that really let you feel like you are sharing the experience with him.

This summer, we were lucky enough to have Glen at our wedding, and he took some beautiful photographs that we will be able to look at for years to come and remember how special the day was.

Glen is an amazing photographer, and we absolutely love his work


Corina ~ Spruce Grove, Alberta

It is amazing what Glen sees through the camera that we would miss. It is like looking through the eyes of a child – everything is new, exciting, beautiful, ugly or just fascinating. Glen has the innate ability to see and capture the essence of even the most fleeting of moments and turn it into art. I love scrolling through the photos and living vicariously through his lens and seeing the proverbial rose I missed stopping to smell. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Gilles, Gatineau


Composition, lighting and camera handling are all techniques that can be learned, but by itself, technique will never make you an artist. For a photographer, the eyes make the difference. What you see, how you see it, and the ability to translate vision to pixels or paper is what sets one apart.
Glen has that ability. He can record a scene by concentrating on the visual elements that only he sees in that very unique way that appeals to so many of the viewers. He does it seamlessly. Comfortable with the technical part, for him it is intuitive the way that he anticipates the right moment to capture the image that turns a snapshot into art.