Sometimes, viewpoint really matters and it’s not always possible to get the viewpoint you want from the ground. Let’s get some eyes in the sky! Your farm. Your fields. Your family. Your wedding. Your party. Your town. You name it ~ it will offer you perspectives that can help complete the picture. Contact me for more info.

In that firm belief that images speaker louder than words, I present: Arial – my aerial eye in the sky:

Here are some sample images from past Arial outings:

2014-10-19 The Farm-G0010357

2014-11-05 GoPro Farm-G0010641

2015-04-12 iPhone-IMG_9814

2015-10-08 GoPro 06-G0023235

2015-10-11 GoPro 01-G0014407

2015-10-11 GoPro 01-G0014507

2015-10-11 GoPro 02-G0035141

2015-10-12 GoPro Steele Line-G0014529

2015-10-15 GoPro03-G0045547

2015-10-16 GoPro01-G0014531

2015-10-16 GoPro03-G0046565

2015-10-16 GoPro03-G0056843

2015-10-27 Road Trip 04 GoPro-G0014694

2015-10-27 Road Trip 04 GoPro-G0025054

2015-11-03 GoPro 01-G0014502

2015-11-08 GoPro-G0017599

2016-01-05 GoPro-G0014736